“League of Young Voluntary Georgian” (LYVG) is a citizen's non-governmental, non-profit organization, founded in 2003 by the initiative of the representatives of the German and Latvian communities in Georgia with support of Georgians Salvation Army. LYVG functions on the basis of the Constitution of Georgia and under Georgia's law "About public citizen associations". It was created to facilitate co-operation among youth organizations, to promote active citizenship among Georgian youth through their involvement into various programs. 

LYVG is a national Georgian Coordinator Host/Send-Organizaton of International Exchange Voluntary programs of ALLIANCE www.alliance-network.eu. LYVG act very carefully in trying to involve active young Georgians abroad. www.youthnetworks.eu/VolunApply.aspx.

Our partnership area is getting wider as we have participated in ALLIANCE Technical meeting 2006 and 2011 in Armenia, 2007 and 2014 in Turkey, 2008 and 2012 in France, 2009 in Italy, 2010 in Germany and 2013 in Slovakia. LYVG cooperates with partner organizations of ALLIANCE all over the world and send and host volunteers to Work Camp, Medium and Long term voluntary service program (WC, MTV and EVS).

From 2004 LYVG is taking parts in trainings and seminars with different partner organizations in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Moldova, Morocco, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.

The main programs in which LYVG is involved are:

•    coordinating  international youth volunteer exchanges (short-term, mid-term and long-term)

•    participation on seminars, trainings, conferences, study tours on both national and international

  1.    elaborating work of the local volunteers on social and cultural projects.

LYVG’s aims are:

•    to involve young people in social programs

•    to promote volunteering programs and creation of summer work camps with different target groups

•    to run international exchange programs for young people

•    to raise the public awareness about the situation and actual problems of young people

•    to study and protect historical places and constructions

•    to encourage the establishment of new partnerships and the exchange of experience between the partners

Every year Georgian volunteers participate in ecological, construction, rehabilitation, cultural, social projects, seminars and educational programs of international work camps abroad. LYVG became one of the non-governmental organizations that successfully implemented European Voluntary Service (EVS) program in Georgia jointly with International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) www.icye.org by support of European Commission and continue its cooperation with other partners.

From 2003 LYVG is sending volunteers and taking part in EVS projects: sent 10 volunteers in Austria, Italy, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Holland and host 9 volunteers from UK, Austria, Italy, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, France.

LYVG became very popular as our members were given informative visual presentations in front of a massive audience of students and offered free consultations from time to time. For all candidates an interview in the office and checking all the relevant documentation is a must as far as a motivation of applicants is a key to successful participation in the programs and a guaranteed return to a home country.

Activity of LYVG remains legal for all these years and consequently a positive appraisal was received from consulates in Georgia, which gave opportunity to develop communication between Georgian and foreign young generation. Georgian youth love these projects because of developing intercultural dialogues, language practice and professional and educational skills.

Ex-participants of volunteering programs assists LYVG in the following activities:

•    Participation in informative events and exchange

•    Creation of materials for presentations

  1.    Planning of projects, organizing and implementing

It’s vital to mention LYVG had to gain the reputation in very complicated situation where individuals and tourist agencies attempted to give false information to the youth about visas registration and compromise the country with illegal departures.

We are grateful to all partners of ALLIANCE who supported us in edgy period in August 2008. Despite the fact that the number of volunteers was diminished significantly, our projects are still valid and actual.

For all these years LYVG has never been supported by governmental structures.

ALLIANCE Partner since 2011.

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